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Need a bit of a kick-start with writing your CV? We have a few CV templates and tips to help you stand out. Whether a graduate, changing career, contractor or ladder climber, we’ve got it covered. No matter who you are or what your experience; you need to make a great first impression when approaching potential employers.

We understand that getting started can be tricky and many questions may arise. What CV format would be most suitable? What will recruiters find easiest to read? No need to panic, we are here to help! Have a think, work out which career description best fits your circumstances from the sections below. Once ready just download the template and get going!

Graduate or first job

This type of CV will be qualification based and education heavy. This format showcases your school and further education achievements, additional skills where relevant and work experience if you have any.

Good grades are great on paper but shouldn’t be relied on when pitching an employer or recruiter to hire you. The best practice here is to outline your ability to apply the theory and back it up with evidence where you can. This is a great way to grab the interest of a prospective employer. Transferable skills are always good to highlight in your CV, so feel free to expand upon how you have managed similar situations expected of you in the past and demonstrate how you get things done. You don’t always need experience to get experience, just show your future boss how you would approach the job. This is achievable through a qualifications-based CV.

Download the Graduate CV Template here.

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Trying for promotion?

This type of CV is more popular than you would think. It favours individuals that had progressed their career in one sector and in most cases with a single employer. If you plan to continue climbing the ladder within your chosen industry we would recommend using these type of CV templates. Staying fresh and motivated in the same industry is a sure fire way to get a potential employer’s attention. Commitment to a single employer or sector is always to be admired.

Download the Ladder Climber CV Template here.

Changing Career?

Companies have begun to reward and encourage flexibility in terms of role diversification now more than ever. More and more organisations are increasingly likely to take somebody on should they be open to varying working hours, locations and role diversity. Their key focus here would be attitude towards the role but also your skills, expertise and qualifications.

A CV based around skills will demonstrate your ability to apply knowledge and experience to different sectors and job titles. This is the ideal template for a smooth transition from one industry or employer to another. And here is the good news: you don’t have to start as a junior within your new position. Providing your experience puts you in a good position for hire, be sure to tell prospective employers all about them with this CV format.

Download the Career Change CV Template here.

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