With our proven track record and commitment to excellence, we have become a go-to recruitment agency for employers in the Engineering and Information Technology sectors.

At Serve Recruit, we understand the critical role that talented professionals play in driving the success of your business. As your trusted recruitment partner, we are dedicated to helping you find the right job seekers who not only possess the required skills and experience but also align with your company culture and long-term goals.

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Our Recruitment Services

Get your hiring engine roaring with Serve Recruit’s Contingency Recruitment. Here, your investment is directly proportional to our success – you only finance our services when our team deliver concrete results. Our consultants match pre-screened job seekers who not only fill roles but also bring unique value to your organisation.

For a more immersive approach, consider our Retained Recruitment. This service allows you to dive deeper into the talent pool. Our team commit themselves to securing exclusive, premier talent, meticulously handpicked to align with your unique business needs and culture.

Get ahead with Serve Recruit. Embrace a recruitment process that’s expertly tailored to your specific needs and watch as we turn your hiring challenges into success stories.

Contingency Recruitment

Wave goodbye to risky ventures in your engineering career development or tech talent search. With Serve Recruit’s Traditional Contingency offering, we’re removing the guesswork. Our experienced team have a network of pre-qualified job seekers – from sales engineers to network architecture, mechanical design to system analysis. It’s a win-win all around.

Dive into our talent pool, a vibrant mix of engineering and IT professionals. From sales engineers, mechanical designers, electrical specialists to software developers, data analysts, and cyber security wizards, we’ve got them all.

Witness your success amplify as we turn the ‘what ifs’ into ‘what is’. Your career path. Your robust team. Supercharged.

Retained Recruitment

Revolutionising your talent acquisition to a strategic triumph – that’s Serve Recruit’s Retained Recruitment. We understand you seek accuracy, concentration, and dedication in your hiring process for both engineering and information technology positions.

That’s precisely what our consultants provide. Their tried-and-tested methods scout the industry’s top performers – from lead engineers, project managers to AI specialists, and IT consultants. It’s not just about slotting in a job seeker, it’s about integrating high-achievers from the engineering and IT sectors into your strategic blueprint.

Our team will help you shift paradigms and escalate your talent strategy.

The Sectors We Serve

At Serve Recruit, we’re more than just a recruitment agency – we’re the conduit that connects ambition with opportunity across diverse sectors. We specialise in two key domains: Engineering & Manufacturing and Information Technology. Our purpose? To build synergies between the brightest minds and the companies that value them.

We cater to a variety of roles within engineering and manufacturing – including mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers, project managers, and manufacturing specialists. If you’re an industry titan on the lookout for these trailblazers, or a professional seeking your next engineering challenge, our team are perfectly placed to help you.

In the ever-evolving domain of Information Technology, we’re on the pulse of the industry’s rapid transformation. Our focus spans roles such as software developers, network administrators, data analysts, IT project managers, and cyber security experts. For tech businesses in search of innovative minds, or IT professionals aspiring to disrupt the digital landscape, Serve Recruit is your strategic partner.

Whether you’re a company striving for growth or a professional ready for the next big leap, the team at Serve Recruit is here to facilitate your journey to success. Your industry, our expertise – together, we forge the path to achievement.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Engineering is where precision, creativity, and problem-solving converge. Whether you’re a mechanical engineer, an electrical expert, or a sales engineer, we understand that your talent goes beyond schematics and blueprints. It’s about turning ideas into tangible realities, revolutionising infrastructures, and shaping our future.

For companies seeking this expertise, we know the importance of finding professionals who don’t just meet the job description, but bring value, innovation, and a drive for continuous improvement. We’ve built a network of top-tier talent ready to enhance your team and propel your business forward.

At Serve Recruit, our approach to Engineering & Manufacturing recruitment is simple – we put you first. Your needs, aspirations, and success are our priority. So, whether you’re a company ready to elevate your team or a professional ready to take the next step, let Serve Recruit be your strategic partner in this journey. Here, we engineer success and manufacture growth – together.

Information Technology

In the world of Information Technology, every role carries immense importance. From software developers scripting the future of technology to network administrators ensuring seamless connectivity, data analysts decoding invaluable insights to cyber security experts safeguarding digital frontiers, each professional is a vital cog in the wheel of technological progress.

For businesses in search of these tech wizards, we understand that you’re not just hiring a role, but integrating a catalyst of innovation into your team. It’s about more than meeting job requirements; it’s about finding the talent who can navigate the technological tide, adapt to its ebbs and flows, and propel your company on the wave of digital transformation.

And for IT professionals hungry for challenges, we’re dedicated to help you leap forward. We understand your aspiration to be on the frontlines of technological disruption, and we aim to align your career trajectory with companies that foster innovation, encourage growth, and celebrate your unique skill set.

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