5 Cover Sheet Templates

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We have devised a range of cover letter templates for a variety of employment circumstances, from applying for a first job, to bouncing back after redundancy. Whether you are a graduate, changing your career, or ladder climber, we’ve got it covered. No matter who you are or what your experience; it is essential to make a great first impression when approaching potential employers.

Career Ladder Climber Cover Letter

A career ladder climber is in the best possible position for job hunting. They already have a stable and substantial job… they don’t NEED a job, but have the luxury to seek alternative employment options arguably without the element of urgency. For those taking this route, focus on selling yourself based on how your recent roles have improved your current company and reinforce why you deserve to step up now.

Download the Career Ladder Climber Cover Letter Template

Graduate Cover Letter

The graduate market is currently a tough one with ex-students finding they need to do anything they can do stand out from the crowd, even if that involves engaging in hours of extra curricular activities aside from their full time degree. To put this market into perspective, there were 14 million graduates recorded between July and September in 2017. This sheer scale suggests how competitive the graduate employment market is, which is only arguably set to increase.

Download the Graduate Cover Letter Template

Career Change Cover Letter

If you are having a career change, a cover letter is the perfect place to express your enthusiasm and reasons why you have what it takes to take a new industry by storm based on your existing skills and experience. It is essential for you to really sell your strengths to convince employers to give you a chance in their industry, as remember, it is more of a risk for them to employ somebody with no experience in their industry that what it is with.

Download the Career Change Cover Letter Template

First Job Cover Letter

Applying for your first job can be daunting as you are entering a completely unknown territory, but embrace this opportunity. Including a cover letter, even if not required implies your eagerness and dedication to employment. Continue this ambition by highlighting your desire to learn and develop within the role. Further, by mentioning skills and knowledge gained from certain subjects that are relevant to the job you are after, demonstrates that you have existing understanding that you are able to implement, rather than having to learn absolutely everything from scratch.

Download First Job Cover Letter Template

Redundancy Cover Letter

If you have recently been made redundant, finding a role to re-enter the workforce with can be daunting – but do not hide your circumstance. Explain your redundancy clearly and briefly within the cover letter, and then focus on highlighting your strengths, skills and experiences. Maintain a positive tone throughout as employers will appreciate your ability to bounce back and have a positive outlook on a negative situation.

Download Redundancy Cover Letter Template

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