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From 80’s Teenager to Managing Director


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Managing Director


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Information Technology, Manufacturing & Engineering,


First Computers: Commodore 64 followed by ZX Spectrum

First console: ATARI 2600

Games: Space Invaders / Asteroids / Pacman / Zelda / Battleships / Dungeons and Dragons / Tank Command (and many more!)

TV & Films: Jaws / Star Wars / Dirty Harry / Grange Hill / The Young Ones / Minder / Only Fools & Horses / Fraggle Rock / Take Hart – Morph (To name a few!)

Going from School at 16to the big wide world in the late 80’s on a YTS scheme, I tried out a few trades. I became an apprentice Electrician and I remember my boss coming to the site looking pretty flash – all suited and booted in his BMW. This made me think, I need to get an office job. So, I temped for Norwich Union for a few months.

My real break came when a heating business took me on as a service co-ordinator. A proper old-school RAF storeman called George took me under his wing and I never looked back. I soon progressed to Service Manager and eventually Director of the Maintenance Department of another Heating Company by the age of 22. This instilled in me a good business grounding.

Following the business closure, at 27 I walked into Reed recruitment agency, and they introduced me Positive Selection. Recruitment became my working passion which I’ve continued to enjoy 25 years down the Road.

I like to think that I have learnt a lot over the years and here at Serve Talent, we believe that my and my colleagues’ life experiences are the foundation to the success of our business.

Information Technology

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Manufacturing & Engineering

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Meet the Serve Recruit Team: The Power Behind Your Success

Our consultants have been handpicked for their expertise in the Engineering, Manufacturing, and IT sectors. They bring with them a combined experience of over 50 years in recruitment. This wealth of experience, coupled with an unrivalled understanding of the market, ensures that they can adeptly navigate the intricate landscape of job opportunities to secure the perfect fit for you.

But our team goes beyond just matching skills to roles. They are genuine career partners who invest time in understanding your aspirations, strengths, and potential. This personalised approach enables them to highlight your unique qualities to prospective employers and negotiate the best terms for you.

Moreover, our team keeps its finger on the pulse of the industry. They stay updated with the latest trends, emerging roles, and shifts in the job market, offering you a competitive edge in your job search. Their keen market insight is matched only by their dedication to your success.

When you partner with Serve Recruit, you don’t just gain access to a recruitment agency. You join a community led by a passionate and dedicated team that’s committed to your professional growth. Whether it’s honing your interview skills, offering guidance on salary negotiation, or helping you refine your CV, our team is always ready to support you.

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