Alex Larkin

Sales and Marketing Executive

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Sales and Marketing Executive


01603 415100



TV & Films: Firefly / Community / Parks and Recreations / Star Wars / Batman / Back to the Future / Lord of the Rings / Rocky / Blues Brothers /

Games: Dungeons & Dragons / Dragon Age / Mass Effect / Orwell / Civilization / Hearts of Iron

Coming from an extensive marketing background spanning across multiple sectors, I love building and nurturing long-term, personal relationships with my clients that help me to understand their needs and provide them with the greatest chance of finding success through the use of my marketing skillset. Being new to the recruitment scene, I’m absolutely loving everything this sector has to offer and the ability it’s given me to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Outside of the office, I’m an avid video game geek with a passion for creative writing that I use to bring my own Dungeon & Dragon’s universe to life. While I’m not gaming or writing I’m looking after two half-blind rescue cats I adopted.

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