What are the highest paid developer jobs in the UK?

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Developer positions are some of the most sought after in the job market. Modern technology is becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives; almost every industry in the world is reliant on it in some way. So it’s no surprise that the paycheques for some of those key positions are so large. But which, exactly, offer the greatest salaries? 

Software Testing and Support

One of the most appealing positions for young people/graduates is that of a software tester and/or support technician. Although on a grander scale their pay rate is fairly low, the pay is pretty great for those just entering the job market.

  • Test analysts, which are typically entry level jobs at companies, usually offer around £35,000 to £42,500. 
  • For managers, that figure is around £42,250 to £58,250.
  • And for application supports, it’s roughly £39,500 to £44,000
software testing and support developer jobs

Developers and Engineers

Moving up the table, we come to developers and engineers, the backbone of most software developing enterprises. Most companies divide their workers into one of two categories: front or back end engineers. While their pay is decently equal, there are some slight differences that are worth mentioning.

  • Back end developer: £46,300 to £60,700
  • Front end developer: £42,000 to £52,000

Evidently, despite starting salaries being similar, maximum salaries can differ quite greatly.

software developers and engineers salary

Cloud Engineers

Cloud engineers are becoming increasingly integral to larger companies. With remote working becoming more common, corporations are beginning to shift a lot of their databases to cloud networks. Thus, some companies are offering higher salaries for cloud engineers.

  • Cloud engineer: £53,000 to £60,000
cloud computing engineers salary


Similar to cloud engineers, remote working has left companies crying out for devops; there will always be a gap between admins and engineers, and devops are needed to bridge that gap. Fluidity and communication is crucial for remote working and devops are paramount if this wants to be achieved. 

  • Devops manager: £65,000 to £71,000
  • Devops engineer: £60,500 to £68,000
devops engineer salary

Development Management 

As development managers handle multiple teams and have connections with every department, it’s no wonder their pay is so high. Of course, this job is usually limited to those with plenty of prior experience in the field. 

  • Developer lead: £75,250 to £90,250
  • Development manager: £64,500 to £83,000
development management salary

Chief Architects

At the top of the food chain we have the chief architect; the true brains behind the operation. Chief architects are in charge of the entire project at hand, and their pay reflects their importance and dedication to the job. Much like development managers, these roles are typically filled by those with years of experience. As a result, these positions are best suited to those who are already working in a managerial position.

  • The average chief architect salary is £100,000 to £115,000.
chief software architects

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