The Top Software Development Trends of 2022

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Thanks to the advancement of technology, the world of software development has changed considerably in recent years. In order to keep up with competitors and the industry as a whole, businesses need to pay attention to these changes and act accordingly. There are always changes in the software development industry, but there are a number of key trends that are standing out and dominating 2022 in a big way.

To help you stay ahead in the software development sector, we have listed the key trends that you need to be aware of in 2022.

Software Development Trends to Pay Attention to in 2022

Clear Focus on Cybersecurity – One of the major software development trends being seen in 2022 is a growing focus on cybersecurity. It’s expected that cybersecurity will grow in 2022, as businesses focus on modernising their systems and applications. These changes will involve regular cybersecurity assessments.

The Internet of Things – By the end of 2022, the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to create an economic value of $6 trillion. This, when combined with the likes of cloud computing and data, will transfer software development. In 2022, mobile devices are likely to become even more specialised for specific markets – such as healthcare – due to the IoT, data and real time analytic control.

Improved User Experiences Using AI – The development of artificial intelligence (AI) has led to change in deep learning and artificial neural networks, which are expected to make a mark on software development in 2022. With AI, more accurate predictions about user behaviour, customer data and psychology can be used to develop software.

Increased Popularity of Python – As the most popular programming language, it should come as no surprise that Python is continuing to grow in 2022. It’s commonly used to develop complex web and application developments, and allows businesses to meet the needs of their customers. Python can be considered a ‘one stop shop’ for developers, and it addresses a lot of modern software needs. Developers can do complex tasks using Python.

The Rise of Javascript – Despite being a common programming language, Javascript is continuing to rise in popularity in 2022. It’s capable of handling a lot of backend operations, without requiring much load, and it’s the ‘go to’ option for a lot of developers. It’s expected that the Javascript frameworks are going to be the next big thing in the software development industry.

Value of Cloud Computing – More and more businesses are utilising cloud computing, and it’s an area of software development that’s growing considerably in 2022. Startups, businesses, government organisations, hospitals, security offices, legal authorities and institutions are all starting to see the value in cloud computing. This means a transition to cloud computing technology can be expected in 2022 and the coming years.

Strict Software Quality Standards – As the demand for software grows, businesses will need to pay attention to strict software quality standards given by ISO. ISO certification will slowly become part of our daily lives, especially as we continually rely on devices that use software. With stricter software quality standards comes improved quality, efficiency and respect.

More Companies Adopting DevOps – It’s expected that more companies will adopt DevOps in 2022, as it offers a more agile methodology to businesses. DevOps can be used for creating custom software in a way that’s streamline and efficient, and it uses a lot of elements that are popular in the software development sector at the moment.

Raise Coding Standards and Guidelines – A lot of businesses are expected to focus on style consistency and language during the software development process, in order to raise coding standards and guidelines. This will help developers to write code with improved guidelines in mind.

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