The Benefits of Working With an Engineering Recruiter

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There are a number of benefits that come from working with an engineering recruiter, and it’s a lot more advantageous than simply posting a CV on a handful of online job boards. Working with an engineering recruiter is an effective way of matching employees and employers via a selection of skills, experience, qualifications and talent. We have taken a look at the six main benefits below.

1. An Engineering Recruiter Has Access to Hiring Managers – When you work with an engineering recruiter, you will be introduced to a whole host of hiring managers. Not only does this help you to connect with decision makers, but it helps you to stand out from other job seekers by being highlighted as an individual by the recruiter. As you will have been screened by the engineering recruiter beforehand, hiring managers will automatically assume that you are a potentially good fit for their organisation.

2. Engineering Recruiters Can Find ‘Secret’ Jobs – A lot of vacancies, especially those that are highly paid, are not posted on the standard job boards. Hiring managers do this to avoid lengthy hiring processes and to prevent the wrong job seekers from applying. They are somewhat ‘secret’ roles and only those in the know will have access to them, which includes engineering recruiters. When you work with an engineering recruiter, you will be aware of all of these hidden job opportunities.

3. Engineering Recruiters Know How to Help a Job seeker Succeed – An engineering recruiter’s career success depends on job seekers securing a job, which is why they do everything they can to ensure you find the right job quickly. They know what skills, salary and experience an employer is considering, and won’t waste time putting you forward for a job that’s unlikely to be a good match. They are also there to help you to prepare for a job interview, as they want to increase the chances of you getting the job as much as possible. This is an invaluable insight.

4. Companies Using Engineering Recruitment Teams Are Secure – A company using an engineering recruitment team is investing time and money into hiring someone, which is not something they are likely to be doing if they are unstable or short of cash. It shows that the organisation is strong and secure – and that they are willing to invest money into finding new talent – which is a good foundation for a long term career.

5. An Engineering Recruiter Handles the Communication Side of Things – Instead of having to handle communication with a hiring manager yourself, an engineering recruiter handles everything. If you or the organisation wants to change something – perhaps you are not happy with the salary being offered or the hiring manager needs to see proof of qualifications – the recruiter is there to go back and forth. Important information can be relayed quickly and effectively, without you having to negotiate anything yourself.

6. Working With an Engineering Recruiter Doesn’t Cost a Job seekerThe cost of working with an engineering recruiter is paid by the hiring organisation, which means the benefits come at no cost to you. You can enjoy the advantages of having a professional helping you to find a job, without an additional cost.

Our team have an excellent knowledge of what the current Engineering job market looks like for various levels of positions from Graduate to Senior. If you are interested in finding out what your next career could look like, just upload your CV and our specialist recruiters will be in touch for a casual chat.

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