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If you think recruitment agencies are just there to find you staff, you’re missing most of the picture. Working with a specialist recruiter like Serve Talent can bring massive advantages to hiring managers and your whole organisation. How many of these are you aware of?

Faster hiring

Time to hire is getting longer as good job seekers get harder to find. Serve Talent can tap into a vast network of connections and use the latest technologies to find you the optimal job seekers in half the time.

Saving time to hire will also save you money. When a role is left sitting open, the lost productivity will impact your bottom line, and in the current market, forcing your remaining staff to do their missing colleague’s job could well drive them to leave too.

Quality job seekers

Skills shortages are forcing many employers to compromise on what they need. But working with Serve Talent will give you access to high-quality job seekers with the sought-after skills you’re looking for. And you won’t have to trawl through any unsuitable CVs, because we will only send you job seekers who are a great match for your requirements.

Specialist knowledge

Serve Talent specialises in IT and Engineering recruitment, which means that our consultants have the in-depth industry knowledge to work on hiring exactly the people you need and spotting transferable skills that are relevant to the role, which less knowledgeable people would miss. This will give you a real advantage in finding suitable talent.

Focus on your needs

You’ll pay nothing if we don’t find you a suitable job seeker. This tends to concentrate recruiters’ minds on finding you the best possible people, those whose dream role is working for you.

Market knowledge

Serve Talent have a lot of up-to-the-minute knowledge of current trends through our contact with clients and job seeker. We will offer you valuable advice and insights on key topics like pay benchmarks, available skillsets, current hiring issues, job seeker expectations, contract support, and even market trends in your sector.

Extra reach

Many of the best job seekers are happily employed and not looking for a job. You won’t get near them unless someone knows who they are and how to contact them–and how to get them interested in working for you. Sourcing this “passive talent” is a major part of our role.

Jobs are our job

Finding the best people to fit roles is what we do all day every day. We can write the most compelling job ads, do the quickest and most effective job seeker screening, and most importantly, work day in and day out to fill your roles with the optimal job seekers as quickly as possible.

All of our consultants have built their careers on fantastic industry knowledge, a commitment to honest and open recruitment and a desire to build lasting, valuable relationships with all of their clients. Speak to a consultant today about finding the best job seekers for your organisation.

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