The Decline of Printed Newspaper Sales & Rise of Digital Media

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In an age where the digital world is dominating most generation’s accessibility to the latest news, printed newspaper companies have a great deal to compete with. It can be argued that the modern is digital and the traditional is print, with newspapers gradually becoming outdated.

Statistics state that the average age of The Independent and The Daily Telegraph reader ranges between 43-61 years old, whereas papers such as The Mirror and The Sun appear to be attracting small crowds in the millennial age range – with this audience constituting to 28-29% of their readers (InterMedia). Although selective papers are appealing to younger generations, it is still a relatively small percentage, making it evident that if news companies want newspapers to continue, they will need to introduce new methods of printing and marketing in order to progressively attract younger generations. If this is not achieved, newspapers face the risk of fading with the older generations of our society.

It is not only the convenience of digital news that is what’s reducing the amount of printed paper sales, there are other factors such as the concern for environmental sustainability. However, this common, presumable argument for not purchasing newspapers in actuality can be challenged as many printing houses offer 100% recycled paper.

Decline of printed newspaper sales

So, what are the benefits of printed newspapers?

A newspapers’ tactile nature enables all generations to easily interact with it as an understandable and accessible device. This is particularly beneficial to those not born into the technology generation who lack the ability to work an iPhone before being able to walk. However, with the decline of hard copy papers, it seems as though older generations will be forced to switch to and understand online devices.

Further, research findings suggest that printed newspaper readers retain considerably more information than people who read articles online as rather than following the unfolding of an event online in broken fragments, papers tend to efficiently conclude and straight forwardly inform readers.

With the amount of loyal readers of newspapers gradually lessening, will you support the future of printed media?

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