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Marketing jobs in Norwich
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Earlier this month we published the article titled Norfolk & Beyond Marketing Recruitment with Lizzie Bishop. It outlined how our very own recruitment expert (who consistently receives amazing reviews from both clients and job seekers), Lizzie Bishop, plans to make a huge impact when it comes to marketing jobs and recruitment in Norwich and surrounding counties.

In this article we’ll go into more detail regarding the marketing recruitment process and jobs Lizzie is working. From Business Development Executives to SEO Account Managers, Lizzie is taking them all on! Carry on reading to see what the roles entail, their typical salaries and her approach to placing the right job seekers in their ideal marketing jobs.

1. Digital Marketing Recruitment & Jobs

As the author of this article and a Digital Marketing Manager myself (hello, Adam here!) I’d be worried if I had to research what is expected of people like myself. The Digital Marketing spectrum tends to see staff labelled as a Manager, Executive, Consultant or Assistant. Each takes on a similar role and their day to day is nearly the same as each other depending on the company/employer.

digital marketing jobs in norwich

A Marketing Manager’s job uncovered :

  • Creating, sending and reporting of email campaigns
  • Content development for our websites to push SEO and organic reach
  • Creation of Social Media Campaigns across Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Designing branded promotional materials for web and print
  • Monitoring of and working with analytics
  • Managing of other projects with designers, developers and similar staff

The aim is to push a company’s brand image in order to create awareness and drive inbound conversions for their employer. According to PayScale the salary ranges from the £18k mark up to almost £60k in the UK depending on experience, location and other factors.

Digital Marketing Recruitment in Norfolk
Digital Marketing Consultant’s Salary published by PayScale

If you are looking for a job as a Digital Marketing Manager, Consultant, Executive or Assistant please submit your CV here. Are you currently hiring for this or a similar role? Call Lizzie today on the number below!

2. Marketing Account Manager Jobs

Account Managers handle relationships with customers and clients for their company. Their role includes the completing of sales and requires them to have a thorough understanding of their company’s products and services. Some organisations will require Account Managers to put together targeted pitches for current and future clients.

While an Account Manager usually works in an office environment they may be expected to travel for meetings, demonstrations and networking with clients.

Account Manager Jobs in Norwich

With our very own Account Manager sat next to me it would be rude not to pester her and take up a bit of her time to find out what her daily tasks tend to include.

“As an Account Manager my main responsibilities include liaising with clients providing the friendliest and most efficient service, post jobs on leading job sites and up sell our services. Every stage of my role is considered and tailored for the client. I provide solutions, support and a happy manner to ease the recruitment process. My day-to-day tasks include liaising with new and existing clients, optimising job specifications, reporting any technical issues and liaising with job board account managers to resolve these, posting client vacancies and keeping report documents up to date.

This is a very rewarding job, I love helping my clients, building relationships with them, and hearing positive feedback. I am essentially here to help, so I try my very best to deliver this.

If you’re highly organised individual with good people skills, look into building a career in account management! “

Vickie Billham, Account Manager at i4 Recruitment

Ranging from £19k to £40k per year you can see a Marketing Account Manager’s salary range and median in the graphic below.

Account Manager Salary in Norwich
Salary range for Account Managers according to PayScale

Submit your CV by clicking here if you would like to be considered for any of our Marketing Account Manager roles. Alternative you can call on the number below to discuss any of our vacancies with experience consultants.

3. SEO Manager Jobs

For those not in the know, SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. An SEO Manager’s key responsibility is to make his/her company appear higher for relevant online search engine results. Even though SEO is their main duty, a manager of this variety could also be tasked with increasing a company’s presence on online directories.

Designing web pages a producing content and copy are also likely to be within an SEO Manager’s skill-set. Graphic design and web design skills tend to be highly beneficial for anybody looking to apply for an SEO Manager role.

An SEO Manager’s tasks breakdown

  • Organise projects and campaigns to improve website traffic from online search.
  • Analyse the performance of search engine strategies.
  • Establish relationships with other businesses to create link building opportunities.
  • Carry out keyword research and implement this data into produce better results on search engines.

Below you can see that the salary for an SEO Manager ranges from £22k to £45k depending on a number of factors. These tend to include experience but also results driven and commissions based on revenue increases.

SEO Analyst Salary Norwich
An SEO Manager’s Salary published by PayScale

Are you looking to hire an SEO Manager in Norfolk or Suffolk? Our marketing recruitment expert would love to hear from you!

4. Content Marketing Jobs

Are you proficient in the exquisite art of Microsoft Office? Do you have what it takes to turn untitled.doc into a sales masterpiece? If the answer to both of these is “yes”, you could be onto a winner. A good Content Marketer can easily earn upwards of £30,000 a year. What does their job entail you ask? A little bit of research, lots of writing and a few cups of tea!

Most companies will allow Content Marketing staff to work flexibly and remotely. Whether you wish to work in a coffee shop or on a train as it speeds through the countryside, you can truly live the laptop lifestyle with this role.

Marketing jobs in Norwich

Content Marketing Manager role breakdown

  • Management of content marketing strategies and coordinating with other teams.
  • Produce and demonstrate content in appealing ways for a variety of audiences.
  • Write, manage the production of content, and collect it for portals, websites and other mediums.

Typically the starting salary for a Content Marketing Manager is £22,000 per year seeing increases up to £44,000 for the more experienced.

Content Marketing Salary
A Content Marketing Manager’s Salary according to PayScale

Our team have over 15 years experience in recruiting within the digital market. Making us one of the most experience recruitment agencies in Norfolk! Call 01603 415100 to get started.

5. Business Development Executive

A Business Development Executive or Manager will be found in nearly every business. They are the driving force behind a company’s increase in revenue and development of client relationships. As a Business Development Executive you’ll be tasked with identifying and developing new business opportunities whilst expanding the company’s brand and presence.

Another key responsibility for any Business Development Manager or Executive is piecing together proposals, plans, monitoring for new trends and working with this data to generate new partnerships and clients. A strong Business Development Executive will be persistent, have great communication skills and a thorough understanding of the product they’re pushing.

Marketing jobs in Norwich

Business Development Executive Tasks

  • Build business relationships with clients.
  • Identify new opportunities for business partnerships.
  • Produce business proposals and contract terms.
  • Assess the benefits and risks of potential engagements.

The PayScale website indicates that a Business Development Executive can earn between £18k to £35k. As with other marketing jobs this will depend on experience, the product and commission structure.

Business Development Executive Salary in Norwich
A Business Development Executive’s salary according to PayScale

At i4 Recruitment we pride ourselves on connecting people with the right employers. It isn’t all about skill-set, qualifications and experience. We see culture and ensuring each job seeker is a right fit for the organisation as an essential part of our recruitment process.

Speak to one of the team today on 01603 415100 to see how we can help your business move forward.

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