Manufacturing recruitment agencies: How can they help?

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Ever since the dawn of time manufacturing recruitment agencies have offered companies in the engineering sector peace of mind. The first part of that intro may be exaggerated but the second bit couldn’t be more accurate. Taking on a new start who isn’t the right fit has a domino effect of negative impacts on your business.

Firstly, you’ll be spending time and money on advertising. Followed by some of your staff having to move away from important tasks to filter applications, make phone calls and arrange interviews. Imagine all of this going to waste and keep in mind this is just the start of a downhill spiral of resources going to waste.

When the “wrong fit” finally starts working for your company they may not perform, they could be great for the job but not fit on a cultural level and walk within weeks. Discovering this too late will send you back to square one and could cost a pretty penny along the way! Especially if mistakes are made resulting in damage to stock, machinery and tools.

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Manufacturing recruitment agencies to the rescue!

A reputable manufacturing recruitment agency will understand your business and most importantly the roles you wish to fill. This will be accompanied by great knowledge of your locality, target market for job seekers and the experience levels required from them to become a key part of your business.

Where you may be hiring new manufacturing staff every now and then, we are going through the process on a daily basis. The process is broken down into the following steps:

  • Establish your business’ hiring needs & discuss any vacancies.
  • Take details of timeframes, salary offered, job description(s), benefits and more.
  • A reputable consultant then conducts a search combining modern and traditional recruitment methods.
  • They will then filter and narrow down the best CVs & job seeker profiles in order to call and discuss your role(s).
  • Discussions with job seekers involve pitching your business, your roles and negotiating terms to suit both parties. They also include finding motives for moving on to a new role, personality based questions to see if they’re a fit for your business and more.
  • The most suitable job seekers for your business will be put forward to your hiring department then shortlisted for interview.
  • A recruitment consultant will then arrange the interview date and time between the job seeker and the company whilst tracking the job seeker’s progress along the way.
  • Once the ideal job seeker has been chosen the consultant will inform them and determine the ideal start date. This call or meeting is always accompanied by a big congratulations!

Fortunately for companies who use reputable manufacturing recruitment agencies, the work of their consultants doesn’t end here. A great manufacturing recruitment consultant will check in on the progress of their job seekers.

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Industry Specific Manufacturing Recruitment

The more seasoned manufacturing recruitment agencies will have a thorough understanding of your particular industry. They’ll keep up with the times of technologies and equipment that your processes require. Your educated and informed consultant will be confident in advising of skill-sets and experience levels you should be looking for. Thus taking another load off your mind when looking for key members of staff.

If they don’t know their Haas Automation VF Series Vertical Mills from the WinMax Lathe Mill do they even consult bro/sis?

engineering and manufacturing recruitment agencies

i4 Recruitment’s Service

At i4 Recruitment we strive to deliver the highest level of service no matter the sector and role. Our specialist engineering consultants can however boast decades of experience and superb track records for filling vacancies with longevity in mind.

Through building strong rapports and business relationships with their clients they have been able to maintain a constant flow of work allowing them to deliver results consistently. Should you be on the look out for your next wave of new team members you can contact us on the number below or email

Alternative you can click here to see a list of our live job seekers that are currently seeking opportunities in IT & Engineering across the UK

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