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Unveiling the hidden challenges and costs of using Indeed’s free job posting services.

Indeed Free Job Postings

Indeed is a widely recognised job posting platform known for its extensive database and user-friendly interface. Its free job posting option seems appealing to employers looking to reduce hiring costs. However, this blog aims to explore the hidden drawbacks of using Indeed’s free services and how these negative aspects can impact an otherwise effective recruitment strategy.

The Appeal of Free Indeed Job Postings

The initial attraction of posting jobs without a financial commitment is evident. Employers might assume that free services on a high-traffic site like Indeed will offer sufficient exposure with minimal effort. However, this assumption often overlooks the real implications of “free” in the competitive job market.

Limited Visibility and Reach on Indeed

Job post visibility on Indeed is crucial for quickly filling positions. Free postings often rank below sponsored listings, leading to reduced exposure. This can necessitate paid promotions, which contradicts the intention to use a free service. Indeed’s own data indicates that free listings receive about 60% less attention than sponsored ones.

High Volume of Unqualified Applicants

Free job postings can attract a large number of applicants, including many unqualified candidates. This influx can make the task of sifting through applications time-consuming, draining resources, and extending the recruitment timeline. Although there are strategies to streamline applicant management, none are perfect, and the hidden cost of time investment becomes clear.

Challenges with Posting Certain Roles

Indeed allows most roles to be posted for free, but some may require sponsorship. These include identical jobs in multiple locations, jobs with confidential or generic company names, commission-only roles, and hard-to-fill positions.

Risk of Being Overlooked by Top Talent

Top-tier talent often prefers branded job listings, perceiving them as a sign of the employer’s commitment to finding top candidates and willingness to invest in that talent.

Slower Time-to-Hire

There is a strong correlation between job visibility and the time-to-hire metric. Reduced visibility can lead to a longer hiring process, negatively impacting business operations that depend on timely talent acquisition. Real-world examples show significant differences in hiring timelines between free and paid job postings.

Impact on the Company’s Recruitment Strategy

Relying on free job postings can negatively shape a company’s recruitment strategy. Persisting with this approach might result in settling for less qualified candidates, leading to additional time and money spent on training new hires, offsetting any initial savings.

Alternatives to Free Job Postings on Indeed

Many paid job posting platforms offer various benefits and targeting capabilities. Well-known platforms like Totaljobs, Reed, and CV Library receive over 30 million visits and 11 million applications monthly. Directly using these boards can be costly, making job advertisers like Serve Talent a better option for attracting top applicants from diverse locations.


While the prospect of posting jobs for free on Indeed is attractive, it comes with significant drawbacks. These hidden costs can undermine the recruitment process, prompting employers to re-evaluate their strategies. Employers are encouraged to adopt a strategic, multi-faceted approach to job postings, balancing reach, cost, and applicant quality.

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