Healthcare Recruitment: Three options often overlooked

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The care industry is rapidly expanding and the demand for compassionate and friendly staff is forever on the rise. The work itself is rewarding with plenty of opportunities for progression. So why is finding the right staff often a lengthy and expensive process? Healthcare recruitment in Norwich and surrounding areas tends to see agencies supplying a single member of staff for a percentage of the stated annual salary. This commission is usually 10% or more resulting in pretty steep fees upwards of £895 in most cases.

Some of our clients take on five or more key members of staff each month. Without the use of our Full Network advertising packages they could be spending upwards of £50,000 per year just to get people through the door! There are much cheaper, more effective ways to find the right care workers for your business.

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Healthcare Recruitment: The Options

The industry is huge. One of the biggest in the UK with over 1.6 million people involved in one way or another. Entry level roles that require no or minimal experience in the sector take up a huge chunk of this figure. For the more senior roles there are still plenty of people around that are actively seeking new opportunities in care work. From Registered Nurses to Care Coordinators, jobs advertised will almost always receive applications from quality individuals.

Let’s take a look into how you can make the most of this market whilst reducing your total spend on hiring dramatically. In this article we cover how to reduce the cost of advertising on the UK’s largest job websites, how to drive applications via your own website and more.

1. Flat Fee Healthcare Recruitment Advertising

Online recruitment advertising can be an expensive game. Some websites charge upwards of £1,000 to post a single advert on more specialist sites and entry level ads can cost over £150 per listing on a single platform. Depending on the job you’re advertising you may only see a handful of applications. Testing the waters on various job websites will see hundreds or thousands spent before you figure what site is right for your company, the job advertised and location.

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What if you could rely on expert knowledge from those who have years of experience in posting listings to all of the best websites? What if you could get this knowledge with reduced rates when posting to these websites? Welcome to the world of Flat Fee Recruitment. This is where a company like ours pre-purchases credits with huge savings for the most popular and best performing websites. We then pass these discounts onto our clients allowing them to utilise multiple job advertising websites at a fraction of the cost vs going direct.

What does Flat Fee Recruitment involve?

  • Huge discounts across a large network of job advertising websites
  • Expert knowledge and advice for listing vacancies online
  • Job specification optimisation for the best performance
  • Access to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for receiving, managing and filtering CVs
  • Your own talent pool of healthcare staff for generating multiple hires from a single fee

Flat Fee Recruitment companies should regularly monitor the performance of websites within their caboodle. Performance of job advertising websites fluctuates greatly from year to year and month to month. Continuing to use sites where the performance drops is a sure fire way to miss out on applications where the competition may be succeeding through alternatives. At Serve Talent we often review the job boards within our network to maintain a service that delivers. See our Flat Fee Recruitment packages by clicking here.

2. Your Own Healthcare Recruitment Portal

For a one-off, initial investment you can receive free job advertising for life. Two of the largest online platforms in terms of daily visitors can pull information from a job portal attached to your existing or new website. What does this mean? Simply put, with the right technology installed on your website, every time you post a job advert on there your ad will also appear on Indeed and Google for Jobs.

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How can your own portal help with Healthcare recruitment?

  • Post unlimited vacancies free of charge
  • Receive applications director to your inbox and management system
  • Automatically publish across a wider network of websites including Indeed, Google and more
  • Securely store applicant information and CVs
  • Review, filter and contact applicants
  • Increase organic traffic to your website with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Depending on the level of features required on your recruitment portal and the amount of customisation, you can get started from as little as £595. The more advanced websites however can cost upwards of £10,000. The development team at Serve Talent can discuss options with you and have your portal set up quickly.

3. Social Media Advertising

Spending money on Sponsored Ads and Boosted Posts on Facebook can be like throwing your money into a black hole. If you don’t know your way around the Social Media platform the high number of impressions can be awfully tempted. But how do you make sure Facebook advertising for vacancies within your business converts to applications? Being completely honest, there are tutorials for absolutely everything online these days. Meaning you can learn anything you need to deliver amazing advertising campaigns on Facebook through the use of blogs and YouTube videos.

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Unfortunately we don’t all have the time, patience or desire to learn digital marketing for beginners. Let alone how to piece together recruitment campaigns online that drives healthcare staff to your business whilst creating brand awareness. Digital Marketing specialists within Serve Talent put your job adverts in front of the right care staff on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. All accomplished with the use of both free and paid for options across the Social Media websites.

Healthcare Job Advertising Options Summary

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small family run care company with a team of 10 people or a national care organisation taking on 20 new care staff each week. All of the above options are suitable and tailored to every business regardless of size. There are plenty of ways to save money on recruitment without sacrificing the quality and wasting more time. If you have any questions about the services mentioned above please call the Serve Talent team on 01603 415100.

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