Have a break on us with i4 Recruitment’s CV Swipe competition

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Every lunar cycle (or there about) we give one lucky yet skilled winner a month’s supply of KitKats. How you ask? Have a go at our CV Swipe game developed specifically to hone your ability of getting a CV in front of the hiring manager. Well not quite, but the team here at i4 enjoy playing it and hope you do to.

The Game

Playing is easy! Simply enter your name so we know who to contact should you win then start playing. You will notice a hefty pile of CVs on the desk and the objective is to get yours on there. You have three lives and no time limit to use them. But be careful, the higher the score the more difficult the game becomes! Just like in real life, when you get past a certain post of sending out your CV the targets start moving. Well, not quite, but here they certainly do.

Collect as many stars as you can to gain bonus points! These definitely help. Once all three lives are up that is it, game over and back to square one. Have time for another play? Go for it! Again there is no limit to the number of times you can play. Just be sure to get the highest score by the end of each calendar month to win the prize.

The Competition

A month’s supply of KitKats is within reach thanks to i4 Recruitment’s CV Swipe game. We keep an eye on the score board every month and grant each winner with 30 KitKats! But hang on… There’s a few steps to getting the prize! You didn’t think it would be that easy did you?

The Rules

  1. Get your name to the top of the leaderboard on the CV Swipe game page
  2. Share a CV Swipe post on one of the following pages: Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter
  3. Finally! Send us a screenshot of the high score!

Click here to play!



Image courtesy of Victoria Billham

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