Great Yarmouth’s ACN Offshore Rebranded

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Engineering company based in Great Yarmouth, ACN Offshore, has undergone a re-branding to better communicate the broader services it now offers.

ACN Offshore’s new company name, N-ERGISE Ltd is to reflect the success of the company through its diversification across all the energy sectors. This spans across the oil & gas, marine, nuclear and renewable sectors and provides services such as fabrication, commissioning, decommissioning, onshore and offshore shutdown, project management and personnel supply.

This new identity has been affirmed with a fresh logo and website but although this re-branding is occurring to reflect the company’s vision for the future, David Windscheffel, N-Ergise’s business development manager, believes:

“It is important that N-Ergise retains its established values but at the same time develops a new and modern identity. The re-branding exercise will ensure that we get the right message out there. We feel it’s important to let people know we are not just an offshore company, we equally offer and provide as many services onshore. The landscape for the energy sector is rapidly changing and we recognise the need for change.”

From this, Great Yarmouth’s Windscheffel hopes that this re-branding will draw more attention to the fact that they offer as many onshore services than what they do offshore. There is a clear effort to convey how N-Ergise is more than just offshore services. The physical elimination of ‘offshore’ from the company’s name helps exaggerate their brands evolution.

About N-Ergise:

As a multi-sector engineering solutions provider, N-Ergise pride themselves on quality, health, safety and environment. Being a Quality Approved company with a full certification from BSI, this company’s performance is monitored by a number of clients in order to more accurately identify where they can improve.

It is N-Ergise’s goal to guarantee that workplace conditions are free from health risks including damage from hazardous substances, noise and vibration. This is essential given the range of services they offer, now onshore as well as offshore.

So, what are your thoughts on this re-branding?

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