Future-proof jobs: Careers that stand the test of time

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Technology advances have completely changed the way we work, study and conduct business. But it’s not all work and no play. Technology has changed the way we entertain ourselves, play games and share information with friends and family. 

The average life span of growing populations will put a greater demand on health care and related services. Climate change and carbon reduction efforts are sure to increase the demand for engineers, construction, and installation technicians. 

The world’s digital environment rapidly changing and many people worry that tech changes mean artificial intelligence (AI) will dominate the future and replace many jobs with robots. The growth in AI will replace many jobs, but this shift will free up human creativity to create new products and services.

 What are future-proof jobs?

The driving factors for future job growth would include the exponential growth in digital technology, an ageing population and climate change. However, your personal goals and interests will determine the best future-proof jobs. And jobs (plural) means it is very possible a career change is possible, given today’s rate of change.


future proof jobs healthcare

An ageing population will drive future demand for a variety of heath professionals and related services. As treatments for disease and ailments improve, it is certain new diseases and infections will develop somewhere in the world. Health care is being improved with digital automation, but dedicated people will still be in demand. 

Health related jobs include: physicians, surgeons, and nurses. The health system is supported by occupational therapy assistants, physician assistants, and pharmacists. A Health care career is a very certain occupation in the future.

Systems and applications development

The age of automation will continue into the near future and is very likely to experience strong growth. Information and data driven products and services will require skilled developer and analysts for large scale projects and mobile applications. As new and better solutions are released, the cyber criminals get moving. Cyber security will continue to be a key career function in the future. See how IT careers in the UK are on the rise by clicking here.

Finance and accounting

future proof developer jobs

As businesses large and small get started, financial management skills are always in demand. Banks and other lenders will need to see cash flow projections, investors and regulators need audited books. Taxes are certainty and the complexity of the tax code will continue as well.  This means certified accountants, auditors, and accounting clerks will still be in great demand. There has been a great deal of financial automation in recent years, but those with solid financial acumen and training in accounting will continue to be a need for all business types in the future.

finance jobs

Climate change careers

The world is slowly taking steps to address carbon emissions and plan for shifts in weather related problems. The careers in this category cover the full spectrum from environmental scientists to solar panel installers. The careers here will be focused on environmental engineering, but will include those involved with the construction trades as well.

renewable energy future jobs

Trends in future-proof jobs

The major trends that are expected to drive employment in the next decade are those growing global factors we can see today. Focus on the trajectory of the trends we are currently experiencing to plan for the best jobs in the future.

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