Find Top Talent Using Your Manufacturing Job Description

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There is an undeniable skills shortage at the moment, and manufacturing companies are having to work extremely hard to find employees who are able to fill important roles. They are struggling to find the best job seekers out there, those that can do the job with a certain amount of skill and experience. However, this can be improved by changing the job description.

When you are hiring new employees, you can attract top talent simply by providing an impressive job description. Instead of keeping things short and sweet, ensure your job description is comprehensive and detailed. It’s important to give job seekers all of the important information they need, allowing them to decide whether the role is right for them. Below, we will detail the key things needed to create a manufacturing job description that really works.

Be Clear About the Skills and Experience Required

You probably have an idea of what you are looking for from a job seeker in your mind already; this is likely built on the ideal skills set, attitude and values. In order to find a job seeker that meets this, you need to be clear about what you are looking for. If you are looking for a software design engineer, job seekers will know that you want them to have a degree or master’s qualification in a relevant field. But, they won’t know that you also want them to have leadership experience unless you mention it in the job description. If you have any deal breakers or desirable qualities, these need to be highlighted.

If you have some qualities or capabilities that are highly important to you, be transparent about this in your description. Don’t simply say that something is a desirable quality, when in fact you are unlikely to consider job seekers without them. The more specific you are in the job description, the less likely you are to have the wrong job seekers applying.

Update Old Job Descriptions

A lot of manufacturing companies reuse the same job descriptions, even though there are a lot of changes happening without the industry. Though you can certainly use aspects of an old job description, be sure to update it for every job description you post. This will ensure that your job descriptions are up to date with the industry developments and required skills. As the industry develops, you should update your job description to ensure you are always appealing to the right kind of job seekers.

Demonstrate What The Role Offers

There are a lot of manufacturing companies out there, so you need to demonstrate what you are offering to job seekers using the job description. A job description is there to provide a specification of the role itself, but it can also be used as a way to highlight the various aspects of the role and working for the company as a whole. Things such as salary, benefits, pension and healthcare are all offerings that could help your company stand out from others.

When you are looking for top industry talent, it’s important to ‘sell’ the opportunity. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing job seekers to other organisations. It’s likely that you will be focusing your attention on Gen X and Millennial job seekers, who are generally interested in flexibility and wellbeing in the workplace. If these are things that you are offering, make that known in the job description.

Be As Transparent as Possible

If someone leaves their job shortly after starting, it’s usually because they quickly realise that the company is not what they had in mind. This could mean that they don’t fit into the company culture, or that the responsibilities of the role are different from what they expected. Having a transparent and honest job description reduces the chances of this happening. When a job seeker applies for a manufacturing job, they should know exactly what they will be doing on a daily basis.

Utilise the Services of a Recruiter

There’s a lot that goes into hiring for a manufacturing job, which is why a lot of companies utilise the services of a specialist recruiter. Teaming up with Serve Talent can help you to find the top talent in the industry, without having to wade through the wrong job seekers. Get in touch today.

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