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Let’s take a step back and look at the Engineering Careers Heat-map we created in December. We didn’t really stand out as being a leader in the sector with just 363 engineering jobs in Norwich and Norfolk advertised. Comparing this to the likes of Yorkshire with 2,471 advertised vacancies we’re not exactly breaking any records over this way.

Fear not ladies and gents! Norfolk is still very active in the world of engineering. With City College Norwich and the University of East Anglia actively promoting engineering courses and a consistent flow of jobs across the county. From manufacturing to defence and aerospace, Norfolk is home to some giants in the field. Here is a collection of some of the most popular, interesting and well paying engineering jobs in Norwich and Norfolk.

1. CNC Machinist Jobs in Norwich & Norfolk

CNC is the less tongue twisting initialism for Computer Numerical Control. In simple terms a computer converts a design produced using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, into numbers. These numbers are considered to be the coordinates of a graph that controls the movement of the cutter or other tool in use. CNC jobs come in the form of Programmers, Setters, Operators and more.

engineering jobs in norwich

Almost every day you will see a product of CNC work. From watches and clocks to car components, CNC Machinists are the unsung heroes behind a large percentage of everyday items we use.

CNC Machinist Jobs in Norwich and Norfolk

The average pay for a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machinist according to PayScale is £11.22 per hour. Depending on experience CNC Machinists can earn upwards of £15 per hour plus great bonuses.

CNC Jobs In Norwich and Norfolk
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2. Engineering Quality Inspector

The role of an Engineering Quality Inspector is a great entry level role into the sector. There are plenty of junior and more senior vacancies available across Norwich and Norfolk all paying above the national minimum wage. The importance of perfection when manufacturing parts for vehicles and other machines is never to be overlooked. Despite being an engineering career that requires no formal qualifications it is still essential for every component manufacturing company.

engineering quality inspector jobs

A day in the life of a Quality Inspector would involve testing of components manufactured on or off site. Testing would include measuring of parts that require quality checks, maintain gauge calibration status within the organisation and assist with statistical studies amongst other tasks.

The average pay for an Engineering Quality Inspector or Quality Control Inspector is £8.55 an hour. More experienced inspectors can expect to be paid upwards of £30,000 annually! Not bad for one of the most common engineering jobs in Norwich and Norfolk.

Engineering Jobs in Norwich
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3. Multi Skilled Maintenance Engineer

As a Multi Skilled Maintenance Engineer you’re the equivalent of a factory mechanic. It is your responsibility to ensure the smooth running of all machinery and minimum down time. When a machine stops, production stops. When production stops the company isn’t generating revenue. Lots of responsibility for you guys then!

Some factories and workshops are lucky enough to employ a quality Multi Skilled Maintenance Engineer. Meaning they have somebody a little more proactive who can spot problems and resolve them before they ever occur. i4 Recruitment have sourced job seekers for such roles in King’s Lynn, Thetford and Wymondham. Making this career choice another popular one amongst the engineering jobs in Norwich and Norfolk.

Multi skilled maintenance engineering jobs
A Multi Skilled Maintenance Engineer cleaning a tool part |

Typically a Multi Skilled Maintenance Engineer can expect to be paid £11.55 per hour with increases to over £16 per hour. Bonuses within this role are often pretty good compared to some roles within the engineering industry. Take note employers who may be reading!

multi skilled maintenance jobs in norwich
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4. Electrical Design Engineer

An Electrical Design Engineer will produce design projects, analyse and improve on existing designs and more. Found across a number of industries from electronics manufacturers to the semiconductor industry. In almost all cases an Electrical Design Engineer will be required to improve the design and functionality of current products and technology. All of this sounds a bit high tech right? In reality an Electrical Design Engineer could be working on televisions, radios, household appliances and standard computers. But on the flip they may be largely responsible for the design of electronic components in satellites and military equipment and aircraft.

electrical design engineering jobs in norwich

According to PayScale the average salary for an Electrical Design Engineer is £13.68. As you can see this more than doubles for those with the right training, experience and knowledge. Generally Electrical Design Engineers will require a degree in Electrical Engineering or similar.

Electrical Design Engineer Salary
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5. Computer Aided Design (CAD) Engineer

Using specialised software CAD Engineers are responsible for producing technical design drawings. After reviewing requests for changes, new features and more they implement them into the computer-generated designs. All whilst following company policies and industry procedures. CAD Engineers use their expertise to decide whether a project is feasible and to avoid future issues when converting the design into reality.

In short a CAD Engineer produces the digital blueprint(s) required for manufacturing companies to create their product(s). A degree in Computer Engineering or similar tends to be essential when applying for this kind of role. As you can see from the PayScale graphic below £9.29 is the average hourly rate for a CAD Engineer. Again double with a little bit more for those who hold the right experience.

Cad engineering Jobs in norwich and Norfolk
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More Engineering Jobs in Norwich and Norfolk

  • Project Engineer – £32,000 average salary
  • Mechanical Engineer – £30,000 average salary
  • Service Engineer – £25,000 average salary
  • Control Systems Engineer – £35,000 average salary
  • Heating/Plumbing Engineer – £28,000 average salary
  • Civil Engineer – £30,000 average salary
  • Field Service Engineer – £27,000 average salary

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