Engineering Job Market sees a 4.5% increase

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Three months has passed since we first looked into the engineering job market on a county level. In December we created an Engineering Heat-Map to highlight where engineering hotspots are throughout England.

The key notes to take away from the previous article in this series are that population aren’t always factors in the number of jobs advertised. Also the time of year plays an important role in the amount of vacancies to be filled by companies and recruitment agencies across the country.

Here we review the engineering job market three months on with Christmas long out of the way. As the title suggests there has been a positive increase in the overall number of engineering jobs but have each region of the country experienced an increase?

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Engineering and Manufacturing Recruitment Agencies in Norwich
The three largest counties by population 2019

Engineering Job Market: December vs March

As a whole we can see a 4.5% increase in the number of engineering jobs advertised in England. In December 2018 we counted 28,904 engineering career opportunities and this week the figure sits at 30,219. The largest increase for a single county is Shropshire. The number of engineering jobs advertised in Shropshire has risen 23.4% from 260 in December to 321 in March.

Accompanying Shropshire in the largest engineering job market increases are Cambridgeshire and Worcestershire. With Cambridgeshire rising from 858 to 1,050 (22.3% increase) and Worcestershire seeing a 21.7% increase from 390 to 475.

Stats sourced from the CV Library website

Engineering Job Market in Norwich
The engineering job market in Shropshire has risen 23.4% since December

The rise and fall in some counties

What goes up must come down. The same applies for the number of vacancies we see across the web. Counties like Devon and Cornwall have both experienced the largest declines in engineering jobs displayed on CV Library. Devon witnessed a drop of 16.2% whilst Cornwall saw a staggering 26.4% loss of advertised engineering jobs since Christmas.

There could be a number of reasons as to why we would witness such large drops in the number of opportunities advertised. Being optimistic we believe that a steady engineering sector could have filled a good chunk of it’s roles within those regions without the growth to compensate for that.

A decrease in the number of vacancies doesn’t in any way, shape or form indicate a decline in the industry itself. Here we are purely assessing and providing stats on the number of job vacancies per county in England. With increases however it is likely that the industry is expanding. A rise in workload demands a larger workforce.

Engineering Job Market Infographic
Our Engineering Job Marketing Heat-Map shows the industry hotspots throughout England

Top five

  1. London – 3,170 advertised careers in the sector
  2. Yorkshire – 2,430 advertised careers in the sector
  3. Hampshire – 1,305 advertised careers in the sector
  4. Greater Manchester – 1,278 advertised careers in the sector
  5. Cambridgeshire – 1,050 advertised careers in the sector

Lowest five

  1. Rutland – 27 advertised careers in the sector
  2. Northumberland – 76 advertised careers in the sector
  3. Cornwall – 100 advertised careers in the sector
  4. Isle of Wight – 106 advertised careers in the sector
  5. Herefordshire – 151 advertised careers in the sector

The only change we noticed in the lowest five is Cornwall and Isle of Wight swapping placed. Within the top five Hertfordshire has been pushed down to sixth place with Cambridgeshire moving one place up. Not surprising considered the county saw a 22.3% increase in the number of engineering careers advertised.

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Engineering Job Market Summary

Having only assessed the market over a single quarter it’s difficult to pinpoint where it is going. Realistically there could have been a rise in advertised vacancies due to a market correction after slowing down for Christmas.

Another theory could be that we are likely to witness an increase in the sector as a whole which would in turn produce higher levels of job posting. With Brexit threatening deals of production and imports from overseas we could witness an increase of domestic production companies and expansion of existing ones.

If you are looking to get into the engineering sector our career advice section may be of use and can be seen by clicking here. Alternatively if you have what it takes in the form of qualifications and experience you can browse our jobs here

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