Balancing Work Life and Keeping Fit

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When working in an office, it is all too easy to feast on sugary snacks and forget to drink your daily amount of water. Habits like these can lead to fatigue, weight gain, dehydration, lack of concentration and health problems. We have created a few tips on how to balance work life and keeping fit to help you beat these negative side effects of snacking.


Don’t starve yourself

A common mistake that many make that are trying to eat healthier or lose weight is that they don’t eat enough. It is all about balance. If you are eating a heavy amount of fatty foods at work, you shouldn’t cut down on food so much so you starve, you should replace the unhealthy with healthier options. Find a list of healthy changes you can make at the end of this post.


Pack a healthy and appetising lunch 

You are less likely to crave sugary snacks if you have something proportionately substantial to look forward to. It is a known fact that saturated and trans fats, which are present in fast food, increase hunger and gives you a relatively short term burst of satisfaction.


Treat yourself, in moderation

By taking healthier options to work, you deserve a sweet treat every now and again. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean bringing 10 chocolate bars into the office to have on your lunch break. Also, do not get into the habit of eating one healthy thing and then treating yourself with something unhealthy. Remember, portioning and balance is key.


Know when to say no 

Find a way to limit yourself to a certain amount of ‘treats’ per week so you know when you deserve one. Someone popping to the shop and office takeaways can be tempting but weigh up whether you really need it, or deserve it.


Get ahead of your cravings 

If you know you get cravings at a certain time of day, whether that be mid-morning or half an hour before you finish, prepare and bring in a healthy alternative ready to eat. If you are a chocolate lover, opt for a good quality dark chocolate as it has a lower sugar content that milk and white.


Get creative 

This is a chance for you to try new things, so mix it up! Make your colleagues envious with delicious and enticingly bright salads with a topping of white meat chicken or chickpeas.


Lastly, remember that maintaining a healthy work life and keeping fit balance isn’t always easy and that’s fine! Even the healthiest person gets cravings so you are never alone. Also remember that everyone has different targets so don’t beat yourself up if you feel your colleague is eating healthier than you – as long as you’re balancing your diet, you’re doing fine!


Snack/Meal alternatives:

Milk/White Chocolate – Organic dark chocolate

Plain/flavoured chips  Sweet potato fries/wedges

Beef burger  Chicken burger

Crisps Lightly salted/plain popcorn

Sweets Dried fruit

Cake Banana bread

Pizza Pitta pockets

Beer Spirits/Wine

Rice Quinoa

Vegetable oil Coconut oil

Find more alternatives here.

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