6 Methods of Attracting Recruiters and Job Offers

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If you are looking for a job, here are six methods of attracting recruiters and job offers:

Start Networking

Although applying for jobs online or sending in your resume can be an effective method of acquiring a job, for many, it doesn’t cut it. However, the process of networking is a great tool that can aid you in gaining a job through recommendations. Networking is the exchanging of information amongst individuals or groups, from family members, professors, to former co-workers.

This approach allows you to inform everyone in your network that you are looking for a job, in what industry and what skills and experience you have to offer, with the chance that they will communicate this to their wider network. You can reach a more direct, relevant audience by approaching professionals in your desired industry on LinkedIn.

Build Your Brand Online

Have you just graduated, recently gained a desired qualification, or have relevant experience? Promote it on social media. You are your own brand, so sell yourself to heighten your chance of being approached by employers. LinkedIn is a particularly advantageous platform to do so on as this professional network allows you to reach experts in your field.

Create a Professional Website

Take your self-promotion to the next level by creating a website that sells you. There is no need to feel intimidated by the thought of coding an entire website as there are plenty of web building sites that offer you a full package of themes, demos and examples to inspire you that you just need to fill in. This is a dedicated place where employers can learn all about you, beyond your resume.

Keep Applying

Do not stop applying for jobs even if you are waiting for employers to seek you out. You may end up waiting a long time to be pursued by your ideal employee so increase your chance of employment by continuing to apply for jobs. The worst that can happen is that you end up with multiple job offers, which is arguably the greatest outcome.

Dress for the Job

Even if you do not have a job in the certain profession you wish to go into, dress as though you do. Present yourself according to the role and relative to the industry you desire to enter or develop in. This will prove beneficial if you run into somebody in your network that could help you gain a job. Finally, it is said that the better you look, the better and more confident you feel.

Let Recruiters Know You Are Available

Having your phone number or email address in your LinkedIn summary will enable recruiters to know that you are open to being contacted. On LinkedIn, make sure your profile is ‘on’ and have a professional headshot.

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