5 Ways You Can Progress Your Career

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Are you a recent graduate? Have you been in the same job for years and want to develop you career? Or just generally looking for a new job? Regardless what your situation is, if you are looking to progress your career, we are here to help! Here are five simple ways you can progress you career:

1. Where do you want to be and how will you get there?

Whether you are looking to be the next Steve Jobs or an IT support assistant in a small company, identify where you want to be and how you plan on getting there.

Do you need a certain amount of years’ experience? Does that role involve relocating? Do you need to be trained further in a skill set?

Identify each stage you need to complete to reach your career goal and devise a realistic timeline of how long you want it to take and how long it will take to reach that point.

The next point explains how to evaluate where you plan to go based on your current role.

2. Identify what is and what is not working at your current job

A big part of identifying where you wish you go in your career journey is recognising what you are enjoying, and what isn’t particularly working for you at your current job.

Involve yourself more so in what is working so you know what positives you desire in your next role, but still acknowledge what isn’t working. The factors that don’t work should focus more so on if you are not finding your job challenging enough, or if you don’t see yourself developing further there, not if you don’t like a colleague.

Take these negatives and turn them into motives. Combine these and the positives and you will know what you’re looking for! Look for roles or companies that will positively challenge you, or where you can see yourself developing.

3. Consider how you are using your online presence

Your digital footprint is powerful so use it to your advantage!

Nowadays, it is so easy to post a picture on Facebook or compose a Tweet, so consider who may be seeing those and what affect they may have on your employability.

It is becoming increasingly popular among employers to search job seekers online to gage what kind of person they are, how they may fit into the company, and what they consider appropriate to post online.

So, if you don’t want potential employers seeing your drunken Saturday night photos, make them viewable to friends only. Nevertheless, this does not mean shut down every platform.

LinkedIn is a brilliant platform where you can boast your skills and professional experience. This is where you want to build your presence, state your career interests and connect with professionals.

4. Enhance your skills

Have you got enough knowledge to get to where you want to be? There are some fantastic online courses (free and charged) that can help you develop your knowledge in a specific field.

Whether you are looking for a general knowledge course, or want to learn about a specific topic within a sector, online courses will advance your career and develop your self-discipline and responsibility skills.

Furthermore, extracurricular activity looks great on your CV! It shows enthusiasm, dedication and genuine interest.

For those who think they are already an expert… more knowledge will never hurt!

5. Use recruiters to find your perfect job, suitable for you!

Here at i4 Recruitment, we have dedicated IT & Engineering recruiters who make it their mission to get you your perfect job.

Understandably they cannot land you the job entirely (you have to impress in the interviews), but they will devote themselves to you as an individual and hunt for the best possible roles that are suited to your unique skills set and experience.

Simply put, their job is to get you a job, and they are passionate about this.

Our recruiters know what employers want and what experience they desire so if you are looking to progress your career in IT or Engineering, give them a call at 01603 415100.

Further, in the process you gain an invaluable contact.


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