1,000 New Tech Jobs for Amazon Ireland

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Ireland is set to become home to over 1,000 tech jobs for eCommerce giant Amazon. The expansion is due to take place over the course of the next two years.

“It would help Ireland meet its ambition to make Dublin the tech capital of Europe” announced Irish politician Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. This came after Amazon’s Irish boss, Mike Beary, announced during the launch of the company’s new Dublin office building.

Engineering, technical management and many other highly skilled roles are to be included in the Amazon recruitment drive.

Despite being renowned as an online retailer, the online giant is one of the fastest growing business hosting companies through its online Amazon Web Services (AWS) division. Having over 2,500, cloud service employees, spread over two locations in Cork and Dublin.

Since setting up in Ireland in 2006, the company has continued to grow exponentially. Mike Beary says “AWS is currently growing 49pc year on year. The new jobs we’ve announced will include software engineers, network engineers, big data and machine learning specialists.”

He continued to mentioned that Amazon’s ‘new building can comfortably hold 1,400 people.’

While addressing workers at the company’s south central Dublin location Mr Varadkar said it is difficult to predict the impact that Brexit and a shift in international attitudes to trade will have on Ireland. But explained that the contingency planning is underway to ensure all scenarios are covered.

Credit: Independent Ireland

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